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Fees and Scholarships



Please refer to here. For information related to Deferred Payment of Fees and other financial matters, please refer to here.



The University administers a multitude of scholarships and prizes which are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Undergraduates can apply directly for scholarships which are advertised on Faculty notice-boards and on the Student Intranet. For those scholarships which are not publicized, Heads of the relevant departments or Deans of Faculties will be invited to recommend suitable nominees for these awards.


Students are advised to periodically check notices on Faculty notice-boards and e-notices on the University Intranet system via the HKU Portal for details of how to apply for the various scholarships during the year.

Financial Assistance

  • Government Grants and Loans


Government Tertiary Student Finance Scheme for Publicly-funded Programme (TSFS), which is a means-tested grant and loan scheme administered by the Government Student Finance Office (SFO). If you need financial assistance for your studies at the University, you are strongly encouraged to apply for TSFS. Application forms can be downloaded from the SFO Website. CEDARS will provide to all first time TSFS applicants a form vetting service to facilitate their form submission. For details, please visit this website.


Non-means tested loan scheme (NLS) for application by students who do not want to rely on family support or who have difficulty in applying for the means-tested TSFS Scheme.


  • University Financial Assistance


A number of University means-tested loans and grants are available to needy local students on application. In general, these funds are used to supplement the TSFS. Although awards may, under very special circumstances, be made to students who are not in receipt of TSFS awards, the University’s financial scheme should not be seen as an alternative to Government support.


The First-in-the-Family Education Fund (FIFE Fund) supports full-degree first year undergraduate students who are first generation of university students from low income families.


For assistance in managing your finances, please refer to here.

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